F.A.Q.’s about the Backdoor Cafe and Day Center

What’s happening downstairs on Wednesdays?

I am glad you asked. On Wednesday Bend Church sponsors the Back Door Café and Day Center. We serve breakfast to 120-170 men, women and families experiencing homelessness, marginalized, living on the edge, seniors and anyone else that walks through our doors.

Is that all that is offered?

The breakfast is just the beginning…we have showers, hygiene items, a mobile medical van, foot care clinic, a hairstylist once a month, case management, employment referrals, laundry vouchers, bus tickets, clothing donation, mail service for over 80 people, a piano player to add to the café ambiance and a team of volunteers that make it all happen.

What do the volunteers do?

Volunteers cook and prepare the breakfast, serve, hand out hygiene items and towels, sew, clean up and clear the tables, distribute mail and bus tickets, most importantly welcome people.

Are there other ways to get involved without coming in on Wednesdays?

Yes of course, we always need financial support whether you donate $5 or $500 we are so grateful for your contribution. Donations are used to buy food, items that we take for granted like bandaids, feminine hygiene items, diapers, q-tips, shoelaces, socks, underwear, toothbrushes and so many other greatly needed items. You can also donate gently used items from you home like tents, tarps, towels, clothing, shoes, camping gear, bikes, travel size shampoo, conditioner etc Gift Cards are always needed as well – gas cards, grocery stores, dollar store

Where to I bring items I want to donate?

You can bring the items to the office and mark them “Back Door” or “Stacey”.  Tax donation receipts are available.

Are we enabling or empowering people with this ministry?

Great question, the line between empowering and enabling can be very fine. I like to ask if what we are providing will assist a person in moving towards greater independence and self-sufficiency.  We also know that sometimes people need to know that someone cares and that the dignity of a warm shower and clean towel may lift someone’s heart. I believe that by building relationships with people we are empowering them and that is what this program is all about.