Youth Ministry

Bend Youth Collective

4 Churches:1 Community

Rooted in the way of Jesus, we create a collaborative, inclusive and loving space for teens to dig deeper with God and to participate in self-discovery, peacemaking and social justice. Starting in 2015, Bend Church is partnering with First Presbyterian, Nativity Lutheran and Trinity Episcopal to bring this vision to life. Our middle and high school students enjoy growing in relationship with God and each other as we meet weekly, engage in community service, go on retreats and have plenty of fun along the way. We like to say . . . 4 churches: 1 community + 4 traditions: 1 faith + 4 histories: 1 future

High School and Middle School Youth groups meet weekly during the calendar school year. To register with the BYC, please complete this form:

BYC Registration & Release

High School Youth: 9th-12th grade

Mondays, 6-8p, Starting in September, Heritage Hall at First Presbyterian Church, 230 NE Ninth St. Bend, OR Let’s face it – there are loads of demands for your teenage time. Between studying, sports, after-school jobs and family . . . life might even feel a little overwhelming. Come and kick off your week with us. Find some nourishment for the crazy journey. We’ll gather for dinner and go from there. As always, friends are welcome. See you Monday.

Middle School Youth: 6th-8th grade

Middle school can be rough – on top of school, friends and family, you are probably trying to figure out who you are, what you think and what you believe. During this crazy and turbulent time in your life, sometimes you might need a space to meet new friends, ask questions and maybe even a place to just “be.” Join us Wednesday evening for a weekly community service projects, dinners together, games and small group conversations. Come join us, you belong. Find more about BYC on facebook or contact the director of youth ministries, Dane Breslin at